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Amira Willighagen – "Voi che sapete" W.A. Mozart


The Best of Haydn המיטב של היידן

קישור רגיל

Published on Apr 3, 2013

S. Sound Philharmonic Orchestra – The Best of Haydn
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1. Symphony no. 45, f# min, I Allegro Assai "Farewell"
2. Symphony no. 45, in f# min, II Adagio "Farewell" 5:51
3. Symphony no. 45, in f# min, III Minuetto "Farewell" 14:34
4. Symphony no. 45, in f# min, IV Finale "Farewell" 18:40
5. Symphony no. 46, in B, I Vivace 26:21
6. Symphony no. 46, in B, II Poco Adagio 35:12
7. Symphony no. 46, in B, III Allegretto 40:59
8. Symphony no. 46, in B, IV Presto e scherzando 43:54
9. Symphony no. 48 in C, I Allegro "Maria Theresia48:13
10. Symphony no.48 in C, II Adagio "Maria Theresia" 54:29
11. Symphony no.48 in C, III Minuetto "Maria Theresia" 1:06:07
12. Symphony no.48 in C, IV Allegro "Maria Theresia" 1:11:16
13. Symphony no.49 in F minor, I Adagio "La Passione" 1:14:35
14. Symphony no.49 in F minor, II Adagio "La Passione" 1:22:50
15. Symphony no.49 in F minor, III Minuetto "La Passione" 1:28:00
16. Symphony no.49 in F Minor, IV Presto "La Passione" 1:32:26
17. String Quartet no.3, in C, Op. 76 I Allegro "Emperor1:35:57
18. String Quartet no.3, in C, Op. 76 II Poco adagio "Emperor " 1:41:24
19. String Quartet no.3, in C, Op. 76 III Minuetto "Emperor " 1:49:40
20. String Quartet no.3, in C, Op. 76 IV Finale "Emperor " 1:54:37
21. Minuetto I Trio 1:59:03
22. Minuetto II 2:00:56

    The best Renaissance Music sacred מקבץ של מוזיקה מתקופת הרנסאנס

    The best Renaissance Music sacred

    Published on Jul 27, 2012

    My favorite,Renaissance sacred  music. the  Renaissance music is European classical music Inspired for God  written during the Renaissance, between 1400 and 1600, approximately. The stylistic characteristics that define Renaissance music are polyphonic texture that follows the laws of counterpoint, and is governed by the modal system inherited from Gregorian chant. Among its most widespread forms of music are the mass and the motet in the religious genre, the madrigal, chanson Carol and gender-profane, and the dancing, the ricercare and canzona in instrumental music. my  most favorites compositers  of this period are : Tomás Luis de Victoria. Thomas Tallis William Byrd Palestrina Thomas Morley Guillaume Dufay Johann Jakob Froberger Diego Ortiz Josquin Desprez, Antonio de Cabezón Orlando di Lasso Gregorio Allegri Francesca Caccini Alessandro Piccinini Vittoria Aleotti Claudio Monteverdi Adriano Banchieri Guglielmo Ebreo da Pesaro Francesco Spinacino Antonio Caprioli Gasparo Alberti Andrea Antico Francesco Patavino Bernardo Pisano Pietro Paolo Borrono Francesco de Layolle. Costanzo Festa Pierre Attaignant Simon Boyleau Francesco Canova da Milano Balthazar de Beaujoyeulx Mattio Rampollini.
    Chants and Prayers Renaissance : All Kyrie all Beneditione all Per signum Crucis all Veni Creator Spiritus all Salve Regina all Alma Redemptoris Mater all Ave Regina Caelorun all Regina Caeli all Pater Noster all Ave Maria all Gloria all Symbolum Nicaenum-Costantinopolitanum the best   alleluia the best Spíritum Sanctum all Agnus Dei and  more