2 ,Cinderella. Opera by Alma Deutscher (b.2005). Act 1

פורסם בתאריך 27 ביולי 2015

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Cinderella, an Opera by Alma Deutscher (chamber version)

Dedicated to Michal Deutscher (1945-2015)

Performed on 16.7.2015 at the Voice of Music Festival in the Galilee

Music: Alma Deutscher
Story: Alma Deutscher, Elizabeth Adlington, Guy Deutscher
Hebrew Lyrics: Tsur Ehrlich, Guy Deutscher
Dialogues and dramaturgy consultant: Eitana Medan-Moshe
Director: Julia Pevzner
Music Director: Shalev Ad-El

Cinderella: Hadar Atari (soprano)
Step-mother: Lilia Gretsova (soprano)
Griselda (stepsister): Tali Ketzef (soprano)
Zibaldona (stepsister): Shahar Lavi (mezzo-soprano)
Old woman (fairy): Nitzan Alon (mezzo-soprano)
Prince: Liran Kopel (tenor)
King: Guy Pelc (baritone)
Minister: Gadi Por (speaking part)
Helen and Alma: Helen and Alma

Yaakov Rubinstein, David Strongin, violins
Itamar Ringel, viola
Yotam Baruch, cello
Orit Zelniker, contrabass
Gili Schwarzman, flute

Sound recording: Rafi Eshel
Video: Yoel Culiner

Sponsored by David Giampaolo
Supported by Ronen Foundation
עוד על עלמה דויטשר בכתבה שהתפרסמה ב-20.11.2015 בעיתון ישראל היום עמוד 48

Amira and Alma singing the stepsisters' duet from Alma's new opera, Cinderella

Published on Dec 23, 2014
Amira Willighagen (10) and Alma Deutscher (9) performed at a UNICEF Gala under the patronage of Sir Roger Moore, Goodwill Ambassador to UNICEF, in Hotel Guarda Golf, Crans Montana, Switzerland, on 20.12.2014. As an encore, they sang a duet from the new opera that Alma is composing now: Cinderella. They had less than an hour to rehearse it, so this encore has an air of improvisation about it, but they both enjoyed themeselves very much, and so did Sir Roger and the audience.
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