Umi Garrett (age 9) — Chopin Fantasy-Impromptu

Umi Garrett (age 9) — Chopin Fantasy-Impromptu

Uploaded on May 19, 2010 3rd part of the ricital videos of The 16th Annual Leonard Hodges Keyboard Concert in Washington D.C., Maryland on May 15th, 2010.
Special Thanks to Dr.Jude Boyer-Patrick. 🙂

 Umi Garrett – Beethoven Sonata No.14 Moonlight 3rd mvmt

Published on Feb 27, 2014

Umi Garrett, 13 yr old, had a solo concert in Silver City, New Mexico in February, 2014.
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 Umi Garrett, 12 yr. Schumann Piano Concerto Mvmt.1

Umi Garrett, 13 yr. Chopin Ballade No. 2 in F major, Op. 38

Umi Plays Mvt 3 of Mozart Piano Concerto No. 23


Encore! Umi Plays Gnomenreigen by Franz Liszt