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אינטרמצו עם אריק | Bach: Concerto for Two Violins

אינטרמצו עם אריק | Bach: Concerto for Two Violins

פורסם בתאריך 16 בדצמ׳ 2015

אינטרמצו עם אריק: עלמה דויטשר וטניה ז'יו הצעירות מציגות שליטה מפליאה בכינור ובפסנתר והן מבצעות את הקונצ׳רטות של באך לשני כינורות ושני פסנתרים בשתי תוכניות שונות של אינטרמצו.
Alma Deutscher, Tanja Zhou
Both Alma and Tanja exhibit spectacular mastering of the violin
and the piano. The two young artists perform Bach concerti
for two pianos and for two violins on two different "Intermezzo" shows. Bach: Concerto for two violins in d minor

Antonio Vivaldi 6 Violin Concertos for Anna Maria

Today, we celebrate 338 years of Antonio Vivaldi! On March 4, 1678, he was born in Venice

Antonio Vivaldi 6 Violin Concertos for Anna
Maria  אנטוניו וויולדי קונצרטי לכינור לאנה מריה

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Bach concerto for 2 violins BWV 1043 on Intermezzo with Arik

Alma Deutscher, violin, Tanja Zhou, violin, Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, Arie Vardi, conductor.
Concert recorded on 23.11.2015, and broadcast on
Intermezzo with Arik, a program of Israel Educational Television.
Director: Mustafa abu-Ras

Perlman Tchaikovsky Concerto Moscow 1990

Perlman Tchaikovsky Concerto Moscow 1990

Violin concerto by Alma Deutscher (9). II – Romanza

Published on Feb 2, 2015

Concerto no. 1 for violin and orchestra in G minor, composed by Alma Deutscher(9).
2nd movement – Romanza: andante cantabile
(3rd movement is here:…
1st movement is to be premiered in April.)
Oviedo Filarmonía, Marzio Conti, conductor, Alma Deutscher, violin
Auditorio Príncipe Felipe, Oviedo, Spain, 23.1.2015.
Apologies for the extremely high level of background noise in the recording. This was a family concert with many very young children in the audience.

Alma plays here on a 1/2-size violin made by Pietro Pallotta, kindly lent to her by Sheri Grinshpon, and with a bow made especially for her by Master Luthier Amnon Weinstein.

AudioREC sound design, Video and sound editor: Fernando Arias
Camera: Irene Colantes, Javier Lueje, Nicolás García

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