INTERMEZZO WITH ARIK With Alma Deutscher. Host: Professor Arie Vardi.

פורסם בתאריך 6 בינו׳ 2014

INTERMEZZO WITH ARIK, a classical music program of the Israel Educational Television.
With Alma Deutscher. Host: Professor Arie Vardi. Piano: Tal Samnon.
Directed by: Jacky Barkan
Producer: Mustafa Abu-Ras
Israel Educational Television
Released: 05 Jan, 14.
The English subtitles were added by Guy Deutscher.

Dance of the Solent Mermaids, symphonic movement by Alma Deutscher

פורסם בתאריך 2 בספט׳ 2015 שנה טובה לכל המאזינים

Dance of the Solent Mermaids, symphonic movement by Alma Deutscher. Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. Roni Porat, conductor
The Dance of the Solent Memaids was commissioned, as a string quartet, by the Solent Music Festival and its artistic director, pianist Sam Haywood. The piece was performed by the Endellion String Quartet during the 2014 Solent Music Festival. Alma subsequently revised the piece and orchestrated it, and it was premiered as a symphonic movement in January 2015, by the Oviedo Filarmonía, Marzio Conti, conductor.
Sound recording: Rafi Eshel


עלמה דויטשר Alma Deutscher הצעירה עם הפלהרמונית הישראלית =מוצרט קטנה

(This is a shortened version of the 3rd movement of Alma's concerto). Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, Roni Porat, conductor
Alma Deutscher, violin.
לחצו על הקישור כאן