Dance of the Solent Mermaids, by Alma Deutscher

Dance of the Solent Mermaids, by Alma Deutscher

Published on Feb 4, 2015

Dance of the Solent Mermaids, by Alma Deutscher (9). Oviedo Filarmonía, Marzio Conti, conductor.
Auditorio Príncipe Felipe, Oviedo, Spain, 23.1.2015. Apologies for the very high level of background noise in this recording. This was a family concert with many very young children in the audience.
The Dance of the Solent Memaids was commissioned, as a string quartet, by the Solent Music Festival and its artistic director, pianist Sam Haywood. The piece was performed by the Endellion String Quartet during the 2014 Solent Music Festival last September. Alma subsequently revised the piece and orchestrated it, and it was premiered as a symphonic movement in Oviedo.

AudioREC sound design, Video and sound editor: Fernando Arias
Camera: Irene Colantes, Javier Lueje, Nicolás García

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